35mm to DVD

35mm Slides to DVD

Let us preserve your slides in digital so your most cherished moments can shine bright for generations.
Starting at
32¢ per slide.
*Minimum Price is $19.99*
Accepted formats
35mm Slides cardboard plastic
What You Get


2 Personalized Gold DVD DVD Chapter Menus Music Video Highlights Online Viewing & Sharing

35mm to DVD

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two are included with every order Note: There is a 2-hour limit per DVD. If we find that your footage exceeds 2 hours your order will be split into 2 separate DVD orders and you will be charged for 2 orders. If separate orders are created, price will be adjusted at the time of processing and this form will not reflect the updated price.

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By submitting videotape, film, sides, or other material to MediaMarq Productions for transfer to DVD, the Member acknowledges that this involves logistics and handling processes that are designed to maximize the security of these materials. In the extremely rare event of loss or damage of any kind to the Member’s videotape, film, slides or other material, the Member agrees that the liability to MediaMarq Productions and its agents (including code3drone and Full Flex Offroad) and employees is limited to the cost of replacing such materials with blank media of similar type. Member also agrees that MediaMarq Productions and its employees and agents shall not be otherwise liable to the Member for any loss or damage of any kind or nature, whether direct incidental, consequential, or otherwise.

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By submitting material to MediaMarq Productions, the Member requests the processing services described and agrees to pay any standard charges. Member declares that all materials submitted to MediaMarq Productions for transfer or other reproduction, are not in violation of any copyright laws. The materials submitted were either created by Member or Member has the permission of the copyright owner to duplicate them. If the Member does not own the copyright, it is illegal to make copies and the orders will be returned to the Member unprocessed. For copyrighted material where the Member has the permission of the copyright holder, the Member may obtain a copyright release form from MediaMarq Productions. This release must be included with the order in order to reproduce copyrighted material. Member will indemnify and hold MediaMarq Productions harmless in respect to any claim of violation of such laws. Recorded television programs will not be processed, not even when accompanied with a release form. Media containing obscene or illegal imagery will not be processed.This is a transfer service only whereby MediaMarq Productions warrants that the material submitted will be transferred to DVD discs and MediaMarq Productions does not warrant that the material will be enhanced or improved during the transfer. If a Member is not satisfied with the order, MediaMarq Productionswill attempt to reproduce it and attain a quality level as close as possible to the original source quality.

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