Companies are utilizing UAVs for professional services in industries like cinematography and filming, real estate, construction, surveying and mapping, agriculture, industrial inspections, utilities inspections and many more.

Our UAV Pilot Training Program will get you ready to service those industries and consists of three phases. Level 1-Ground School and Hands on Basic Flight Training and Maneuvers are conducted from your home, office, or our office. Level 2- Advanced Flight Maneuvers, Mapping, and Data Processing.  Both phases are conducted by our team of expert flight instructors.

At the end of the program, students will receive the UAV Pilot Certificate that shows  ground school and flight training for a total of 42 hours of training.

If you have a group of students, we can come to your location to train UAV pilots.  Our pilots are qualified on DJI S1000+, Inspire 1 and 2, All Phantom models, and Matrice Series - including the M210 along with other small UAVs available. Call us for a quote at (760) 621-3930 or send an email to



Classroom and Field

Ground School and Field Training for one price


advanced training

Available for Thermal, Mapping, Multispectral Imaging and more


FAA Practice test

Unlimited access to online practice test.

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