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Real Estate Photography
Code 3 Media specializes in delivering polished, professional real estate photography for a range of clients across Southern California. We work with property managers, real estate agents, and individual owners to deliver effective marketing content that’s driven by beautiful real estate photography. Our advanced aerial photography techniques, combined with our expert editing skills, allow us to create real estate photography that gets properties sold fast. We utilize drone photography, wide angle lenses, and HDR editing styles to provide images that stand out on real estate sites and apps. Our highly-technical approach generates stunning results that will separate your listing from the competition.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

When it comes to real estate photography, our most unique offering is aerial photography. Our experience providing drone photography for many commercial and public clients gives us an advantage over typical photographer companies. We have executed drone-powered photo shoots all over Southern California using the latest 4K FLIR and thermal cameras on the market. This service is ideal for large-scale real estate photography, showcasing ranches, apartment buildings, industrial sites, and agricultural plots. In addition, our knowledge of local permits and regulations on aerial photography ensure that photoshoots stay on track and content is delivered on time.

Professional Editing Techniques

Artful, precise, and detailed editing is key to any successful real estate photography project. Code 3 Media works with each client to develop a visual aesthetic that best suits each property. We look into factors like lighting, touch-ups, and other detailed edits that articulate the unique characteristics of your listing. Our team utilizes HDR (High Dynamic Range) editing methods to showcase the best elements of each site. Furthermore, we take care in naming and sizing each photo to ensure technical compatibility with mobile-viewing and online listing apps. At Code 3 Media, we offer real estate photography editing techniques including:

  • Twilight Photography
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Editing
  • Social Media-Friendly Galleries
  • Images Optimized for Mobile

Landscape and Wide Angle Imagery

Real estate photography requires the use of landscape and wide angle imagery to portray each property accurately. At Code 3 Media, we have shot hundreds of sites around the country and have extensive experience generating images with a 4:3 image ratio aspect and wider. This angle is not only pleasing to the eye but also helps capture the full breadth and depth of your listing. This technique helps potential buyers understand the scale and layout of your property, and can be used to create beautiful effects when rendered by our skilled team members.

Customer Service and Consultation Services

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of commercial and government clients, and strive to deliver outstanding customer service for every project we take on. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent or a homeowner looking to sell your property, we take the time to understand your needs and vision for the shoot. Our team knows how fast the real estate world can work, so we keep turnaround times as short as possible. In need of a last-minute real estate photography shoot? Give us a call. Our friendly staff works hard to accommodate all of our clients, even on short notice. If you’re not sure about the best real estate photography technique to showcase your property, we can help. We’ll happily lend our experience to recommend angles and a list of images that reflect your site’s best qualities. Furthermore, we’ll recommend the correct sizes and aspect ratios to ensure that your photos look great on social media sites and mobile devices. Contact us today for questions about our technology, your needs for a photo shoot, or our rates, and more.

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