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San Diego Drone Photography

San Diego Drone Photography

Our Approach to SAn Diego Drone Photography

Rugged coastlines, complex cityscapes, vast commercial developments, and far-reaching public lands create a rich landscape and an extensive demand for San Diego drone photography. From bridges to breakwaters, Code 3 Media is using drone photography to capture amazing moments: surfers catching a wave, burgeoning developments, Fire Department training, construction sites, and more. San Diego drone photography is paving the way in both commercial and private applications, and we’re proud to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in this new photographic frontier.

Regulations on San Diego Drone Photography

Most people aren’t aware of the current regulations on San Diego drone photography. As one of the few local companies approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (including flight at night), we are well-versed on local and national regulations that help maintain both public safety and privacy. We have worked with clients on obtaining a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization, or COA, in order to use drone photography for law enforcement, fire control, search and rescue missions, disaster support, and military training.This policy applies to anyone who wishes to fly a drone in a civil airspace. The regulations change every year and by region, so it’s crucial to consult with a San Diego drone photography firm to confirm how the rules may apply to your project. 

Industries That Benefit from San Diego Drone Photography

Not only is drone photography great for creating mesmerizing footage, but it’s also increasingly useful for a range of commercial and corporate applications. Every year, we work with an expanding selection of industries that can leverage aerial photography to improve their efficiency, safety, data collection, and marketing campaigns. Here’s a look at sectors we often work with.

Agricultural Drone Photography

One of our most requested services is agricultural drone photography. Our specially-designed equipment is set up to help farmers and land managers better understand crop health, soil state, weed cover, fertilization application, crop stress, moisture levels, and more. For these projects, we use an sUAV equipped with a Multispectral camera and stabilized 4k camera to get highly-detailed images which can then be analyzed by our team or your agronomist. We also offer a selection of mapping and reporting tools that clients can use in presentations and internal communications to help teams better align on strategies and goals.

Drone Photography for Land Assessment and Imaging 

Construction companies, land owners, and architects seek out our services to support their land assessment needs. Not only do we offer drone photography to capture large sections of land, but we also offer several mapping and reporting options that can help organizations make better decisions and projections. We deliver highly-detailed aerial maps, elevation and contour assessments, 3D modelling, volumetric projections, and interactive information displays.

Hospitality & Tourism Assets

San Diego drone photography can be used to create stunning visual displays of tourist destinations around town. Image-rich advertising, social media, and 360-degree view maps are all increasingly important to the hospitality and tourism industry. We work with theme parks, beaches, resorts, casinos, and campgrounds to incorporate aerial drone footage in their websites and marketing campaigns.

Drone Photography for Fire Departments and Public Land Management

San Diego’s long, dry summers create the need for advanced wildfire surveillance and management. Early detection and aerial overviews through drone photography can help prevent millions of acres and dollars of damages. At Code 3 Media, we operate UAVs that are equipped with infrared cameras and thermal imaging tools. These sophisticated products have allowed drone photography to become a key tool for firefighters and governments battling against annual wildfires. We are ready to support your wildland training sessions and work alongside the incident commander at a major fire scene.  Contact us for details.

Drone Photography for Search and Rescue Services

Drone photography is an excellent resource that can be used in search and rescue campaigns. Infrared and 4K aerial cameras can scan large, hard-to-reach areas in search of missing groups or individuals. At Code 3 Media we are proud to be paving the way on technologies and services that can help save lives in difficult search and rescue missions.

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We all see drones flying around all over the city, but drones and drone operators are not all created equally.  at Code 3 we use top of the line drones and photography equipment to ensure your drone photography session comes out looking great every time!

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