Basic UAV Operator

Basic UAV Operator

Are you thinking about buying a drone? Are you a photographer looking to up your game? How do drones work anyway? What can you do with one? This course will answer these questions and more. Designed for hobby drone enthusiasts of all skill levels. Learn the basics about Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for safely operating drones for recreational use. In addition, you will learn about basics of flight, radios & electronics, aerial photography, first person view (FPV) and helpful smartphone apps. There will also be drone flight demonstrations and "Stick Time" for you to practice. This course is a prerequisite for our FAA part 107 Remote Pilot Certification course to prepare for commercial drone pilot certification. Youth 15+ may register.

Drone Training Modules: Basic Operator (9:00am-1:00 pm) – $349.00

Introductions and Handouts 00:15
Common Terms for the course, goals, and what to expect 00:15

  1. Getting to know your drone 00:30
    1. Types of drones: number of rotors, brands, differences
    2. Basic anatomy: frame, IMU, props, motors, camera gimbal
    3. Limitations
    4. Storage safety

  2. Regulations & FAA Standards (Basic) 00:30
    1. Recreational Flyers
      1. Identifying
      2. Safety guidelines
      3. Where can I fly
      4. Certificates and waivers
      5. Registering your drone
  1. Weather (Basic) 00:15
    1. Weather patterns
      1. Winds
      2. Rain
      3. Twilight
      4. Weather effects on small uav
  1. Airport Communications (Basic) 00:30
    1. Tower Notifications
      1. When to call
      2. What to say
      3. Documentation
  1. Important Points to Remember when Flying 00:15
    1. Loading and performance
    2. Maintenance and inspection
  2. Photography tips and tricks 00:30
  3. Flight Time! 00:60

Total-3.0 hours lecture
           1.0 hours flight training

Event Properties

Event Date 01-01-2022 8:00 am
Capacity 6
Registered 3
Available place 3
Individual Price $349
Location Kit Carson Park