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Offline Mapping Guide

Using your map data offline.
If you don't have an advanced mapping/GIS/CAD program to use, download and install QGIS here:
There are other options too but are not free
Global Mapper
Adjust settings for your project
QGIS options menu
Under Settings -> Options, CRS tab, enable Prompt for CRS for new layers AND Enable On-The-Fly Reprojections by default
QGIS project properties menu
Then, goto Project Properties and the CRS tab -> enable 'On The Fly' CRS Transformations (OTF)

QGIS open geotiff file via add raster layer
To open your GeoTIFF Map Image goto Layer -> add layer -> add raster layerFrom your advanced output files use the GeoTiff file (usually pretty large file...100mb or more)

QGIS open geotiff file
Your file looks like this...click it and hit open.

Using measurement tools in QGIS

QGIS measure tools 1
Look for the icon near the top right of the toolbar that looks like a ruler.

In the pop-up tool window click "new"
QGIS measure tools new

Select Measure Line
Find an area on the Layer to start your measurement and left click to begin.  Keep left clicking on different points for extended distances or for more accurate volumes.

Changing default units of measurement

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