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How to Choose a San Diego Drone Photography Company

San Diego Drone PhotographyInitially, San Diego drone photography was reserved for technical applications like agricultural surveillance, collecting weather data, rendering land assessments, and security. However, drone photography is increasingly seen in marketing, real estate, design, and other personal applications. San Diego drone photography is more popular and accessible now than ever. Consequently, there’s an overwhelming number of companies offering this service. Considering these critical factors can help you choose a San Diego drone photography company that will deliver an excellent product that matches your vision and budget.

Look for Drone Photography Experience

When seeking out a San Diego drone photography company, request examples of past work that reflect attention to detail, professional editing skills, creative cinematography, and high-resolution imagery. When reviewing a drone photography portfolio, look for a variety of angles and shots that illustrate the skill of the pilot and editing team. Look out for overhead shots, panoramic views, and other exciting perspectives that indicate a high level of experience. Most San Diego drone photography companies have a showreel on their website or will send a link to their showreel upon request. They should offer a list of past projects and a comprehensive list of services available. Once you’ve found a company with great work, set up a time to speak with the photographer. Ask them about the locations and conditions they’ve worked in. Determine if they are familiar with San Diego’s local climate, weather, and wind patterns, in addition to local permitting laws and regulations on aerial photography.

Ask About Their Equipment

Drone photography equipment is advancing at a rapid rate; 4K cameras now allow pilots to capture imagery as good as many DSLR cameras. Every year, equipment companies release new products and features to make aerial photography even more impressive and accessible to a wider audience. Look for a San Diego drone photography company that utilizes the latest equipment, especially when it comes to lenses, zoom functions, and stability and control features. Make sure they use multiple cameras, drones, and other pieces of specialty equipment to capture every angle during the shoot. You’ll also want to determine how many people will be needed to operate the equipment, power supplies they’ll need, and other technical specifications to organize before the shoot.

Determine if You Want Raw or Edited Footage 

Depending upon your project, you may need either raw footage or a highly-edited final piece. In any case, it’s best to work with a San Diego drone photography company that offers both options. Even if you elect to request raw footage, you’ll need to ensure that the footage is properly named, stored, and sent in a fashion that will make it easy to organize and edit. By working with a company that’s familiar with the editing process, you’ll save hours of work sorting through disorganized raw footage. If you’re unsure about which option to choose, an experienced company that offers both services may be able to point you in the right direction.

Consider Key Trends in Your Industry

Drone photography is no longer confined to the agricultural, meteorological, or security industries. Furthermore, the standards of these industries have elevated over the last ten years. Drone photography is now used for marketing, tourism, real estate, and more. Capturing from above, creating optical illusions, and panoramic shots are all trending in drone photography as cameras and pilots reach new levels of sophistication. If you need help forming a vision for your project, find a company that can help. A good drone photography company should have the expertise to recommend angles or concepts that will speak to your project’s objectives.

Starting a drone photography project is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. If you go with a great company, chances are that you will love the results. Don’t be afraid to share ideas for your project, or ask questions to get the creative juices flowing. If you’d like more information about drone photography in San Diego, contact us today.