About our Company

Smarter Skies, Creative Ground Media.

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Our Experience

As a team, we bring Aerial Photography / Videography Products to Southern California. We can handle large and involved jobs requiring aerial media or data. Professional products, timely output, and no outsourcing guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on a timely schedule. Wehave thermal/FLIR aerail cameras and 4K heavy lift cinematic capabilities.

Our Philosophy

I believe strongly in the power of photo and video documentation. I believe its applications are both a source of entertainment and a strong tool to aid in the operations of private business and government entities

Our Team

Passion for technology and public safety.

  • Chris


    Owner, Pilot in Command, Middle age crisis mode

  • Justin


    Pilot in Command, VO, FAA Certified, Young and Spriteful

  • Jeff


    Safety Officer, VO, FAAST Representative, Wise in his ways

  • Chris
  • Justin
  • Jeff

Our Clients

Clients that are happy to do business with us

North County Fire Protection District
Reno Contracting
KTA Construction
Moranton Media
Escondido Police
Port of Long Beach
Eastern Municipal Water District
Whiting Turner
Drones Made Easy
Nevada Hydro

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