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Thermal Imaging in Crop Management

Thermal Imaging in Crop Management

Farmers are always keen to discover new methods to produce more crops and lower the water usage for irrigation purposes. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has undertaken research activities on irrigation and water management. The researchers are using thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems (Figure 1) to quantify water stress and analyze water productivity.

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Code 3 Drone -  Public Safety Division

Code 3 Drone - Public Safety Division

   New technology for the fire service is not without argument or protest. From the use of new nozzles, tactics, and training, SCBA technology, holographic images on your face shields, fire attack, command & control management systems, thermal imaging cameras etc.  

sUAV's are no exception and may be the most controversial yet.  The potential and obvious benefits are there but the public and civil acceptance is evolving.

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FLIR for Industrial Applications

   Our team of expert UAV pilots have the skills to accomplish your needs using top of the line FLIR cameras and UAV equipment. If you need an immediate response to a missing person, pet or disaster call Code 3 Drone. We have pilots with Thermal Photography and Video Imaging Camera’s in Southern California ready to help. We can provide both photography and video Thermal Imaging Services in as little as 24 hours notice.

Our Infrared Thermal Photography and Video Imaging Solutions can be custom tailored to your needs. From an in-depth thermography report to stunning FLIR thermal, professionally edited video, Code 3 Drone is your complete infrared thermal imaging company.

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